$ 619.00

It contains 4 Mega Fuser Bass Traps and 8 Pulsar absorption Panels. This is a complete solution for treating rooms that are less than 6 square meters in size.

Bass Traps are considered to be one of the best optimized solutions when treating low frequencies. They are also an excellent complement to other acoustic products.

The unique shape of all the Bass Trap options allows you to minimize the dramatic effects that result from resonating waves, commonly associated with the "boomy" sound often heard in untreated rooms.

Used in a pattern or in single units, the Pulsar absorption panels offer excellent absorption characteristics with a great deal of diffusion.

  • Excellent absorption
  • Easy to install
  • Complete solution for rooms under 6 m2
  • One box contains 4 Mega Fuser Bass Traps and 8 Pulsar panels


Rooms under 6 m2.