Vicoustic Cinema Fortissimo VMT

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Color Options: White Frame / Natural White VMT

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Vicoustic Cinema Fortissimo VMT


Vicoustic Cinema Fortissimo VMT

The thicker panel of the new Vicoustic’s Cinema Family, Cinema Fortissimo VMT has a superb performance. It can be installed on the walls and corners acting as a broadband Bass Trap, with enhanced performance in the low region.

The Cinema line of products is available in 6 different finishes and, since it was developed with VMT technology, the panels have the possibility to be customized.

With the combination of the 3 Cinema panels you can create several 3D surfaces, with endless creativity design options. Furthermore, these panels are mostly made of recycled materials, in agreement with Vicoustic’s sustainability compromise.

Main Info

  • Dimensions (L×H×W): 595×595×120mm / 23.4"×23.4"×4.7"
  • Raw Material: VicPET Wool, ViCycle, MDF and Lacquered Steel
  • Scratch Resistance: Yes
  • Washable: Yes
  • Functionality: Absorption
  • Absorption Frequency Range: Broadband
  • NRC: 1.00

Packaging Information


  • Units/Box: 2
  • Box Dimensions (L×H×W): 665×675×355mm / 26.2"×26.7"×14"
  • Box Gross Weight: 17,3kg



  • Place: Walls, Corners
  • Fixation: VicFix Mini (included), VicFix J Profile, VicFix J Profile 80 mm, VicFix Corner Plus


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