Useful Arts Hornet

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Useful Arts Hornet


Useful Arts Hornet

Discreet mic-pre/DI with variable harmonic color control, fits in the palm of your hand.

The idea behind the Hornet is simple: give people an affordable, portable preamp/DI that can go toe to toe with any of the $1000+ preamps on the market.  After years of development, it’s here.  An ultra low-noise front end that gives signal the creamy thickness, bite and power that built-in pres on interfaces just don’t deliver like dedicated preamps.  Need an even thicker, more powerful sound?  Just dial in the Color control, and the personality of the signal is enhanced without the need for compression or EQ.    The Hornet features discrete gain cell topology, a custom Cinemag input transformer, and JFET DI.  Even at 60 dB of gain, it’s insanely quiet. The Hornet is tiny, but don’t let that fool you – it’s perfectly capable of serving as the front end of choice even in the best studios.


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