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Due to the Recent fire at the AKM Manufacturing Facility where many of their chips were made,  Universal Audio is temporarily halting production on all DSP based products until a solution is found.


The Universal Audio Apollo 8 is a 24-bit/192kHz master-quality, Thunderbolt-enabled 18 x 24 audio interface with four line inputs and four Unison preamps that precisely model the sounds of the most coveted preamps, plus built-in UAD-2 QUAD Core DSP processing.

In its 60-year history, Universal Audio established itself as a leader in both analog and digital recording equipment, creating studio tools in both domains that became and remain the industry standard. On the analog side, Universal Audio was responsible for the first console channel strip, the rich, euphonic 610 preamp, the 1176LN compressor, and LA-2A leveling amplifier. On the digital side, UA gave us the 2192 mastering converter and UAD-2 powered plug-ins—all first-choice gear for audio professionals. And now, with UA’s Apollo 8 interface, Universal Audio brings all of its experience to bear, giving you the world-beating analog sound of Universal Audio in the digital domain. The Apollo 8 not only gives you superior A/D and D/A conversion and the tone, feel, and real-time workflow of classic analog recording, you can track through its four Unison preamps with near-zero latency, shaping sounds like a classic analog studio—without taxing your host Mac or PC.

Universal Audio Apollo 8—Just the Facts:

  • Record with world-class Apollo A/D and D/A conversion as heard on hundreds of hit records
  • Cascade up to 4 Apollo interfaces and 6 UAD-2 devices over Thunderbolt, adding DSP and I/O as your studio grows
  • Mix with UAD plug-ins like the included Teletronix® LA-2A, 1176, and Fairchild® compressors, Pultec® EQs, and 610-B Preamp
  • Track with near-zero latency through preamp emulations from Neve®, API®, Manley® and more using Unison technology†
  •   18 x 24 Thunderbolt audio interface for Mac and Windows
  • Four Unison-enabled mic preamps for recording through exacting preamp emulations of Neve, API, Manley, and Universal Audio
  • Built-in UAD-2 QUAD Core allows Real-time UAD Processing — tracking through DSP-assisted UAD plug-ins with near-zero latency, without draining CPU
  • Includes “Realtime Analog Classics Plus” UAD plug-in bundle featuring authentic LA-2A, 1176, and Fairchild® compressors, Pultec®EQs, UA 610 tube preamp, and more
  • Next-generation 24-bit/192 kHz Apollo A/D and D/A conversion as heard on hundreds of hit records
  • Cascade up to 4 Apollo interfaces and 6 UAD devices total over Thunderbolt
  • Convenient front panel monitoring functions including Alt Speakers, and assignable Dim or Mono
  • World-class UA analog design, superior components, and premium build quality
  • Free, industry-leading technical support — on the phone and online — from knowledgeable audio engineers

Universal Audio Apollo 8—Under the Hood

Unison Technology: The Genuine Sound of Neve, API, and Manley preamps

With ordinary interfaces, you get generic preamps; clean, but with no character. For that, you’d need to invest in high-quality preamps, which can be cost-prohibitive. The Apollo 8 comes equipped with four Unison-enabled mic preamps and four line inputs for use with outboard preamps. Universal Audio’s Unison technology lets you track through exacting mic preamp emulations of Neve, API, Manley, and Universal Audio preamps, which in the hardware world, average between $2k to $3k—and in real time. An Apollo exclusive, Unison technology nails the tone of these sought-after tube and solid state mic pres—including their input impedance, gain stage “sweet spots,” and the component-level circuit behaviors of the original hardware.

The secret to Unison is its hardware-software integration between Apollo’s mic preamps and its onboard UAD-2 QUAD Core DSP Acceleration. Simply place a Unison preamp plug-in on your mic input in Apollo Console software, and it physically reconfigures the Apollo interface's impedance, so you can tap into the classic sounds of the world’s most recorded mic preamps.

A full suite of classic analog processing

Apollo 8 comes with a suite of UA’s analog emulation plug-ins, including the world’s only authentic Teletronix LA-2A, 1176LN, and Fairchild compressors, the legendary Pultec EQs, and the Unison-enabled UA 610-B Tube Preamp. From the tube warmth of the Pultec EQ on guitars, to the gentle limiting of the LA-2A on vocals, or the pump of a genuine Fairchild 670 compressor on drums, your recordings will take a giant leap forward in rich, sonically complex analog sound. Developed by Universal Audio’s team of world-class engineers, the Realtime Analog Classics plug-ins set the standard by which all other hardware emulation plug-ins are judged

Your UAD Powered Plug-Ins library card

While the included Realtime Analog Classics plug-ins give you the meat and potatoes of analog processors, you also have access to UA’s full library of award-winning UAD Powered Plug-ins, including vintage EQs, compressors, reverbs, tape machines and more, at near-zero latency—regardless of your audio software’s buffer size and without taxing your computer’s CPU.

With exclusive emulations from Neve, Studer, Manley, API, Ampex, Lexicon, Fender, and more, it’s like having a million-dollar analog studio from the golden age of recording in a single rack space. And unlike competing interfaces, these DSP-powered plug-ins are also available in your DAW for mixing.

UA’s next-generation A/D to D/A conversion

The measure of any audio interface rests in the quality of its conversion. Backed by the experience of creating the 2192 mastering converter, an industry favorite, UA engineers tackled the Apollo range starting with a painstaking search for the latest and greatest A/D and D/A converters. However, the real secret of high-quality conversion lies in the analog circuitry—something UA knows more than a little about—and created the optimal analog audio path to pair with the 24-bit/192kHz converters selected in critical listening tests. Apollo 8P provides increased dynamic range and lower THD versus other interfaces, rivaling dedicated converters costing thousands more.

Making gear for a new generation

Apollo is the confirmed choice of hit-making professionals, used to record records by Kendrick Lamar (To Pimp A Butterfly), Coldplay (A Head Full of Dreams), Dr. Dre (Compton), Brad Paisley (Wheelhouse), and many more. The Apollo range of interfaces has earned numerous industry awards from Sound on Sound, Future Music and Electronic Musician, as well as the prestigious 2016 TEC Award for computer audio hardware.

Build a Networked Studio

Apollo 8 offers 18 x 24 simultaneous inputs/outputs, with two built-in Thunderbolt ports. Thanks to Apollo Expanded software, users of any Thunderbolt-equipped Apollo Twin, Apollo 8, Apollo 8p, and Apollo 16 audio interfaces can combine up to four Apollos and six total UAD-2 devices. With Apollo, you can add I/O and DSP as your studio grows. Apollo 8p also provides seamless integration with previous generation Apollos over Thunderbolt.

A Sleek, Low-latency App

With Apollo 8’s Console 2.0 application, you are the beneficiary of over 25 new user-requested features such as Channel Strip presets, Drag-and-Drop functionality, dynamically resizable windows, and more.

Now with Vintage Amps

Not just for mic preamps, Apollo 8’s Unison technology is also available on the front-panel instrument inputs, giving you spot-on, impedance-matched emulations of guitar and bass amps, such as the Fender '55 Tweed Deluxe, Marshall Plexi Super Lead 1959, and the Ampeg B-15N Bass Amplifier.

 If you’re looking to track a band or a drum-kit with the sound of analog classics, such as Neve for overheads, API on snare and toms for punch, and UA610 for kick, the Apollo 8 can do it all and then some. For more information, call or chat online with your PAD Studio Specialist today. 


  • Apple Mac computer with available Thunderbolt port
  • (Mac) macOS 10.10 Yosemite, 10.11 El Capitan, 10.12 Sierra, or 10.13 High Sierra


  • PC computer with built-in Thunderbolt 3 via USB-C port
  • Windows 10 w/Anniversary Update (64-Bit Edition)
  • Qualified Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt 2 adapter (sold separately)


  • Thunderbolt 2 cable (sold separately)
  • 6 gigabytes available storage
  • Internet connection to download software and authorize UAD plug-ins
  • Compatible VST, Audio Units, RTAS, or AAX 64 plug-in host DAW software
  • Quad Core i7 or better processor recommended


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