UnderToneAudio UnFairchild 670M II Compressor/Limiter

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UnderToneAudio UnFairchild 670M II Compressor/Limiter


UnderToneAudio UnFairchild 670M II Compressor/Limiter

The Fairchild circuit could be one of the most coveted and time tested compressors of all time. It has proven its extraordinary universal musicality for over 5 decades on countless genres of music. The beauty of its design is in its simplicity. The audio path, primarily consisting of only 2 transformers and 4 paralleled vari-mu tubes, can provide a gentle smoothing of levels or an explosive, energizing compression that will make any recording leap out of the speakers. The UTA UnFairchild is a painstaking recreation of the classic sound of this circuit.


There are a few limitations of the original Fairchild that we set out to address. First, we have made careful adjustments to the circuitry that greatly improve the lifespan and reliability of the tubes. Additionally, we've added a whole host of exciting new features that have never before been available on a Fairchild. The UnFairchild sports 6 original preset Time Constants and 4 variable Time Constants (attack and release), MS function, side chain processing, a true bypass, fine adjustment of left/right balance, user adjustable "DC Threshold", and "Feed-Back" vs. "Feed-Forward" functionality. With the UnFairchild, we've made this extraordinary circuit flexible enough to handle pretty much every compression task on any style of music.

Client Testimonial

"Once I received the cables I needed, I setup the connection with my daw, calibrated the unit successfully, set it up with the accessory box, and tested with a few short mixes.

Once I sorted out some initial gain staging issues with my interface and daw, it works well in my tests so far, producing massive harmonic distortion when you push it. The HD when kept below obvious crunch does not detract from the fidelity of the material but consistently increases clarity. Massive glueing capability and a beautiful overall sonic sheen also!

I also tested it with a sliver bullet in the frontend and the combination is saturation heaven!

This unit+box have many capabilities that go beyond the original fairchild so it will take me time to master their operating characteristics. I expect many years of sonic bliss and delightful experimentation :-)

So in conclusion I am delighted with it, no problems at this time, and I am very appreciative for the opportunity to acquire it from PAD!"  - C.A.
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