Undertone Audio UTEQ500

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Undertone Audio UTEQ500


Undertone Audio UTEQ500

The Legendary Undertone EQ Now in 500 series

We can now ALL have the amazing sound and flexibility of the UTA console EQ in a 500 series package.

The UTA console EQ and subsequent MPEQ-1 channel strip have been recognized for their exceptional vintage musicality and extraordinary flexibility.

Imagine having a 500 series EQ that can replicate the shape or curve of any other hardware EQ made.

The 500 series format makes this extraordinary EQ design more accesible for all.


  • 3 “Super Parametric ”bands
  • Range switching mid band
  • Shape Control for blending between peak and shelf shapes
  • Q control range from .3 to 10
  • Notch Filter mode for extreme cuts
  • Unique “Vari-Phase” mode
  • Input pad for added headroom
  • High quality, long-life switches and capacitors

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