Ultimate Support NUC-Z-LED-S [Special Order]

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Ultimate Support NUC-Z-LED-S [Special Order]


Ultimate Support NUC-Z-LED-S [Special Order]

Nucleus-Z Strip Style LED Lighting Kit for Nucleus-Z Desks

Set the mood in your studio or workspace with this full featured LED lighting kit designed for the Nucleus-Z workstation. The included wireless remote control gives you access to a wide variety of colors as well as four different transition modes. This two piece lighting kit has been specially designed to fit in the built in channels of your Nucleus-Z desk without leaving excess cable cluttering your studio.

The Nucleus-Z LED-S Strip Style Lighting kit for Nucleus Desks features mountable LED lighting strips that have been designed to fit your Nucleus-Z BDM's built in channels with lighting.

Product Features

  • Strip Style LED Lights with Mounting Brackets
  • Included Wireless Remote Control
  • two tiers of LED lighting for your Nucleus-Z Desk

Product Specs

  • Part Name: NUC-Z-LED-S
  • Part Number: 18120
  • Two LED Lighting Strips with adhesive
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Power Supply
  • 12 Hook Strip Clips

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