Ultimate Support MC-40B Pro Boom [Special Order]

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Ultimate Support MC-40B Pro Boom [Special Order]


Ultimate Support MC-40B Pro Boom [Special Order]

Classic Series Three-way Adjustable Boom Arm

Competitive features meet a competitive price in our patented Four Degrees of Freedom boom arm. With just one touch, you can quickly angle and adjust your mic position with unparalleled control.

Product Features

  • Patented one-touch adjustment controls tilt, pan, depth, and rotation!
  • 31.75" fixed-length boom for use on stage and in the studio.

Product Specs

  • Part Name: MC-40B Pro
  • Part Number: 17952
  • Boom length: 31.75"
  • Height: 36" - 63"
  • Tube Diameter: .875"
  • Tube Material: Steel

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