Ultimate Support JS-SW300 - Jamstand Studio Workstation [Special Order]

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Ultimate Support JS-SW300 - Jamstand Studio Workstation [Special Order]


Ultimate Support JS-SW300 - Jamstand Studio Workstation [Special Order]

JamStands® Series Studio Workstation

The slim, sleek, affordable JS-SW300 studio workstation from JamStands has been designed to fit your studio needs- at a price that won’t break the bank! The z-shaped design of the desk is built to maximize your vertical space while easily fitting into almost any size home studio. Mix and create your music with maximized efficiency. Must have features like a sliding keyboard tray, steel construction and large surface area make this low cost solution perfect for a wide range of project studios and professional environments.

Information, specifications, colors, and materials subject to change.

Product Features

  • More Surface Area than the Competition
  • Sturdy Welded Frame Construction
  • Open Design for Extra Leg Room
  • Second Tier
  • Sleek Z-shaped Design
  • Sliding Keyboard Tray

Product Specs

  • Part Number: 17985
  • Total workable surface area: 2335 sq. in.
  • Weight capacity: 175 lbs.
  • Finish: Black Laminate
  • Height:- Main Surface: 29.5" - Keyboard Surface: 27.1"- 2nd Tier Surface: 40.3"
  • Width: - Main: 48" - Keyboard: 42" - 2nd Tier: 42"
  • Depth: - Main: 24" - Keyboard: 15" - 2nd Tier: 18"

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