Triad-Orbit Precision SM-KP6

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Triad-Orbit Precision SM-KP6


Triad-Orbit Precision SM-KP6

SM-KP6 is an adapter plate for Kali Audio LP-6 speakers. Easily installed by removing the 4 side screws from the back panel of the LP-6 and attaching the adapter plate with the same hardware. This bracket is applicable with V2 (2nd Wave) Kali monitors only.

NOTE: The SM-KP6 can be mounted in an inverted fashion (upside down) to allow for a greater tilt angle without the speaker touching the wall.

CAUTION: If your Kali Audio speaker does not say “Wall/Ceiling Mountable” on the lower left of the amplifi er panel, DO NOT install this plate, nor attempt to mount the speaker to a wall or ceiling. If you are unsure of your monitor revision, please contact Kali Audio with your Serial Number for confi rmation.

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