Telefunken TK62 Hypercardioid Capsule

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Telefunken TK62 Hypercardioid Capsule


Telefunken TK62 Hypercardioid Capsule

TK62 Hypercardioid Capsule

The TELEFUNKEN TK62 is a small diaphragm hyper-cardioid capsule used with the ELA M 260 tube microphone and the M60 FET microphone. Featuring a 6-micron gold-sputtered membrane measuring 15mm in diameter, the TK62 provides a hyper-cardioid pattern flat in response from 150 Hz to 3 kHz, with a dip at 6 kHz and a smooth, airy presence peak at 8 kHz. These small diaphragm capsules are tested to a strict ±1dB sensitivity tolerance. This tightened polar pattern is great for use on cymbals, percussion, and as a stereo pair for live performance recording, as used in the ELA M 260 Field Set.

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