Telefunken M 960S - Dual Tube Microphone Power Supply

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Telefunken M 960S - Dual Tube Microphone Power Supply


Telefunken M 960S - Dual Tube Microphone Power Supply

TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik’s premium power supplies feature the traditional styling of vintage Austrian models, partnered with the improvements of modern component technology and circuit board design. These modern improvements include a slow-ramping filament voltage to extend tube life and full regulation to ensure the microphone will always operate the same, regardless of line voltage variations or location. Full regulation also means that stereo power supplies can also safely power only one microphone at a time at correct operating voltages, if needed.

These units are hand-built in South Windsor, CT, USA with premium components including Signal Transformers, Nichicon capacitors, Neutrik connectors, double-thick circuit boards for structural integrity, and a PCB layout made to maximize current handling. They are built well over-spec to ensure reliability and safe operation for decades. Each power supply is calibrated to the specific microphone system it comes with. They are burned in as a full unit to ensure optimum performance and operation.

7-Pin XLR Pin-out:
1 – B+ (120VDC)
2 – Heater (6VDC)
3 – Ground
4 – N/C
5 – Audio (-)
6 – Audio (+)
7 – Ground

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