Tangerine Automation Interface - ULTIMATION

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Number of ULTIMATION channels: 32

Number of ULTIMATION channels

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Tangerine Automation Interface - ULTIMATION


Tangerine Automation Interface - ULTIMATION


The Tangerine Automation Interface is THD-LABS' flagship automation interface designed for the world-renowned SSL® 4000/6000/8000 series analog audio consoles.

This classic console was sold with one of the best integrated mix automation systems.  Alas, as technology has evolved over decades, its massive proprietary automation computer has become obsolete and is unreliable for continued production use.

Enter the Tangerine Automation Interface! Instead of producing an updated automation computer, we designed something even better: a quick-install interface that communicates with your existing workstation over today's most common digital protocols (USB, Ethernet and MIDI). Our AAX, AU, VST plug-ins allows to use the SSL faders to write or read the automation directly in/from your favourite DAW. Out of the box (OTB) mix automation data is now part of your DAW project, reducing the complexity of seprate automation softwares, shorthening the learning time and simplifying your workflow. 

The Tangerine Automation Interface is a modular system customizable to your unique console

The Tangerine Automation Interface replaces your existing SSL® computer and is configurable for up to 96 VCA or ULTIMATION Automation channels in a 2U 19-inch rack-mounted unit.  It's power efficient fanless design is totally silent, the chassis can be either installed in the machine room or in the control room near the console. External accessory ports allow for optional add-on features and futureproofing.”‹


An improvement over SSL® Total Recall®, the Tangerine Automation Interface's Recall-iT feature allows you to create and recall snapshots for all channel knobs and switches on your console (compression, EQ and sends recall). Snapshots can be loaded at any time allowing a consistent match of every channel to previous mix settings and can be displayed from any device connected to your network (Ethernet / WiFi) or via the built-in HDMI port.

NOTE: Recall-iT requires your SSL® console to have recall multiplexers installed. Please verify that your console has the required hardware installed as certain boards are not equipped with Recall-iT compatible hardware. Not sure if your console has the required hardware? Contact us and we'll walk you through the verification process.

Keyboard Decoder
Bring your SSL® E/G center keyboard and transport keys back to life.  Our Keyboard decoder allows direct access to global automation functions and modes. Supports DAW transport remote control, including markers and locate points.


  • Modular interface from 8 to 96 channels of SSL® VCA and ULTIMATION compatible voltage I/O's, configured to match channel count.
  • Use your DAW as the automation software.  Available modes:
    1. INJEKTOR (AAX/AU/VST plugin)
    2. REAPER/SSL 
    3. HUI 
    4. HUI hybrid 
  • Modular interface from 8 to 96 channels of SSL® VCA and ULTIMATION compatible voltage I/O's can be defined to match channel count.
  • READ / WRITE resolution: 10 bits (1024 steps) +/- 0.1 dB precision
  • Control and automate FADER and CUTS with Support for TRIM and ABSOLUTE modes
  • Fader Null function 
  • Set global channel automation mode directly from console status switch
  • Master fader automation 
  • Any console fader can be used as a virtual DAW controller
  • High reliability construction built in the SSL philosophy of modular design. Even the best-built audio equipment can sometimes fail. In those rare instances, the Tangerine Automation Interface's modular construction will ensure that your system stays online as much as possible and is quick and easy to repair.
  • Silent, fan less, low power (34 watts) design can be installed in the control room or under console using short ribbon cables
  • All lead-free, RoHS components
  • 2U rack-mount chassis

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