TAD TD-2002

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TAD TD-2002


TAD TD-2002

 This 1" Throat driver is also based upon the very successful Model TD-2001, which has been the mainstay in the professional sound industry for this size driver. 

Among the significant improvements designed by the TAD Engineers is the redesigned Aluminum 3 slit phasing plug. As with the TD-4003, we have made subtle improvements to the shape and material which has contributed to the improved frequency response. Our use of Alnico5 has achieved an increased magnetic flux density of up to 1.95T.  As with the TD-4003, we have applied the Direct Power Coupling technology which allows direct connection from the speaker wire to the Beryllium Diaphragm thereby reducing unwanted resonance caused by AC current interference. 

Overall, TD-2002 delivers excellent performance and durability with improved clarity and linear response over a wider frequency range at an SPL of 111dB (1W,1m).

TD-2002 Specification

Rated Impedance: 8Ω
Frequency Range: 800-20,000 Hz
Rated Input Power: 10 W
Maximum Input Power: 40 W
Sound Pressure Level: 111 dB (1W,1m)
Total Magnetic Flux: 7.42 x10-4 Wb
Magnetic Flux Density: 1.95 T
Lowest Recommended Crossover: 800 Hz
Voice Coil Diameter: 48 mm
Phasing Plug: 3-slit rear type
Hole Size for Throat Connection: 25.4 mm
Mounting Dimensions: 57.2 mm (3 holes), 76.2 mm (4 holes)
Weight: 6.9 kg
Dimensions (diameter x depth): 141 x 137 mm

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