TAD ST2TX-K - Speaker Stand

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TAD ST2TX-K - Speaker Stand


TAD ST2TX-K - Speaker Stand

TAD-ST2TX-K (sold only in pairs)
Designed specially for the CE1TX with strength and a high vibration-dampening

Weight (per unit) : 18.5 kg (40.8 lb)
Dimensions (per unit) (with no spikes attached):
399 mm (W) x 591 mm (H) x 485 mm (D)
(15 11/16in. (W) x 23 1/4in. (H) x 19 15/16in. (D))  

Accessories (per pair)
6 cone-shaped spikes, 4 auxiliary feet, 6 spike holders, 6 cork sheets, 16 assembly screws, 4 screws for securing the bottom of the speaker to the strut, owner’s manual

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