$ 399.00

Pick your power. Available in US and Schuko. 

Revive your music by plugging your components into a QLS, (Quantum Line Strip). The QLS features 6 or 9 (5 or 7 in the Schuko version) generously spaced, individual TESLA Power outlets guaranteed to improve your system's performance. These AC line strips are Quantum Tunneled, passing 1'000'000 volts of electricity, pulse modulated at extreme high frequencies through each of the outlets. This creates a path on the conductor's surface that allows electrons to flow more freely, opening up the music and giving uncompressed, realistic live sound. Each QLS is terminated with an IEC connector so you can upgrade it's performance by upgrading the power cable, from a UEF Red all the way to Atmosphere Level 3, (sold separately). The unique Quantum Tunneling treatment produces a relaxed sound, with a wide and deep soundstage. This is one giant killer of a strip! Combine one or more of these strips with a UEF PowerCell and TeslaPlex or UEF Black wall outlet for Pure Limitless Power throughout your entire system.