IsoRaft 3450 – Standard Profile Deck Raft – 3″ nominal length. Black silicone.

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IsoRaft 3450 – Standard Profile Deck Raft – 3″ nominal length. Black silicone.


IsoRaft 3450 – Standard Profile Deck Raft – 3″ nominal length. Black silicone.

Standard Profile Deck Isoraft, 2-1/4"h x 3" x 5"

GTIN 860010653463
Product Description IsoRaft 3450 - Standard Profile Deck Raft
450 lbs/raft 3" nominal length. Black silicone.
Dimensions L x W x H 2-7/8″ x 4-7/8″ x 2-1/4″


IsoRaft's noise reduction and simplicity goes beyond its design to its application in building structures. Many soundproofing solutions require the installation of floating floors and resilient pad over Gypcrete to achieve fire rating and sound isolation. By contrast, IsoRaft achieves effective fire and sound ratings with a simple installation of plywood subfloor with no restriction to the finish floor-simplifying the construction process and providing soundproofing options and flexibility.

Installation of Studio Float IsoRaft is simple in the way that it defeats noise transmission. The Studio FloatRaft connectors decouple sound vibrations from the building assembly and absorb them in silicone Cores. They silence the noise simply and effectively-an elegant soundproofing solution for the complex problem of sound transmission within buildings as well as noise isolation from the outside world.

IsoRafts simply attach to the side of studs and joists, followed by wood furring (or metal hat channel) and then drywall. Noise trying to get through the wall or floor is directed into the silicone core where the vibration friction converts the sound energy into a small measure of heat, killing the noise.

Noise is vibrational energy that travels in waves.

Those waves collide with the surface of either the wall or floor/ceiling.

The sound waves travel very efficiently through rigid materials (metal and wood). So, when noise collides it makes a line connection from the wall, through the stud/joist, into the opposite wall.

IsoRaft kills the transfer by decoupling the wall or floor/ceiling assembly and provides a patented pathway for sound waves to travel and die.

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