Steven Slate Audio VSX Modeling Headphones - Platinum Edition

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Steven Slate Audio VSX Modeling Headphones - Platinum Edition


Steven Slate Audio VSX Modeling Headphones - Platinum Edition

Car Check. No Car Required.

The car test is the most revealing way to find out what’s wrong with your mix, and it’s always frustrating to hear how different the mix sounds in the car versus your studio speakers.

VSX provides 3 emulated car sound systems. And just like the real thing, they will tell you exactly what needs fixing.

The Unpleasant Truth About Studio Monitors

Even with good studio monitors and acoustic treatment, most home studios have huge dips and peaks in the frequency response. When mixing, you unknowingly compensate for these dips and peaks. VSX fixes this problem.

Speakers in a headphone?

VSX uses a technology called binaural psychoacoustics. It presents the same auditory cues to your ears that they would typically hear in a room with real speakers. Finally, the software is precisely tuned to an Ultra HD pair of beryllium driver headphones.

The Platinum Edition

The Platinum Edition includes VSX headphones along with all the studios and spaces, including the all-new Club Indey and Yellow Matter Studios, and also includes future studios and spaces for free.


VSX Headphones

  • Club IndeyNew
  • Yellow Matter StudiosNew
  • Steven Private Mix Room
  • Sonoma Studios
  • Archon Studios
  • NRG Studios
  • Zuma Studios
  • Mike Dean Studios
  • Mike Dean's Car
  • Howie Weinberg Studios
  • LA Club
  • Audiophile Room
  • Boombox
  • Luxury SUV Car
  • Electric Car
  • 650 Headphones Model
  • LCD Headphones Model
  • 770 Headphones Model
  • M50 Headphones Model
  • Pod Headphones Model
  • HD Linear 1 & 2

All New Spaces Free

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