Sterling Modular Raised Face Up Rack 2-Bay

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Sterling Modular Raised Face Up Rack 2-Bay


Sterling Modular Raised Face Up Rack 2-Bay

Note: This product is "Built to Order" with an estimated production time of about 6-8 weeks.

The Sterling Modular Raised Face Up is a 2-bay, 12-space per bay, rolling rack with raised leg option, wide handle, and rubberized heavy-duty casters for convenient usage, placement, and storage.  

The problem with standing racks is that you have to place gear based on which pieces you use the most, or require direct sightlines to make adjustments (who wants to lay on the floor to tweak a compressor, especially if you need to hear a stereo balance). Plus, putting an equipment rack where you can easily access it can turn your control room floor space into an obstacle course. Wouldn't it be great if you could have your most-used equipment facing you for easy physical and visual access when and where you work, and then be out of the way when you don't need it? You can, and that's what makes the Sterling Module Raised Face Up two-bay, 12-space rolling rack such a great addition to your studio, both ergonomically and visually. The Raised Leg Option raises the height of the standard Face-Up Rack so its front is a ergonomically optimal 21" high. it's perfect for composer workstations or any side car application.

Sterling Modular “Raised Face Up” Two Bay - Just the Facts:

  • Two-bay, 12-space, low-profile rolling rack
  • Raised height puts rack front at a very convenient 21"
  • Heavy-duty, rubberized casters
  • Wide handle
  • Fabric-covered removable rear access panel controls reflections
  • Slotted bottom for airflow
  • Customizable

Sterling Modular “Raised Face Up” Two Bay - Behind the Curtain

Designed for the musician and sound engineer who wants processing gear close at hand and able to be rolled away or stowed under a work surface, the Sterling Modular “Raised Face-Up” is a 2-bay, 12-space (per bay), very low-profile rack that provides great equipment visibility and places the controls literally at your fingertips. The “Raised Leg Option” raises the height of the standard Face-Up Rack (2-bay) so the front of the rack is a “very ergonomic” 21" high. The wide handle and rubberized, heavy duty casters make it very easy to maneuver.

A slotted bottom provides ample air flow and a fabric covered, removable rear access panel makes wiring easy and helps reduce unwanted acoustic reflections. You can also personalize your “Raised Face-Up” rack with various trim/finish options.

Just about anything can be customized for your specific needs. Simply call Pro Audio Design (877) 223-8858 and we'll work with you to set up the perfect solution for you!


Trim Options
  • Basic black finish
  • Red oak, medium brown finish
  • Natural maple, clear satin finish
  • Sapele, medium reddish-brown finish (mahogany color)
  • Sapele, dark brown finish (walnut color)
  • Ash, clear satin finish
  • Brushed aluminum (Thermofoil)

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