Spotlight Fresnels Green Line 100W

Sale price$ 1,239.00

Color Options: Fresnel, LED, 100W, CW, zoom 12°-75°, 5600K, DMX

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Spotlight Fresnels Green Line 100W


Spotlight Fresnels Green Line 100W

The fresnel spot produces a cone of light with an adjustable beam angle. It gives an even field of light with soft edges that allows accent lighting of almost any object without producing sharp contrasts between the surface being lit and the surrounding area.

  • Electrically adjustable fan speed.
  • High performance heat pipe cooling system.
  • Colour filter frame holder.
  • Clutch locking system fork.
  • Adjustable fork for correct balancing of the headlight.
  • LED temperature control and management system for best-range working maintenance.
  • Constant Color temperature during dimming.

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