Spotlight Fresnels Hyperion 700W

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Color Tempratures & Accessories: Fresnel LED 700W, zoom 11°-53°, white 5600K, DMX

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Spotlight Fresnels Hyperion 700W


Spotlight Fresnels Hyperion 700W

The fresnel spot produces a cone of light with an adjustable beam angle. It gives an even field of light with soft edges that allows accent lighting of almost any object without producing sharp contrasts between the surface being lit and the surrounding area.

  • Electrically adjustable fan speed.
  • High performance heat pipe cooling system.
  • Colour filter frame holder.
  • Clutch locking system fork.
  • Adjustable fork for correct balancing of the headlight.
  • LED temperature control and management system for best-range working maintenance.
  • Constant Color temperature during dimming.
  • Silent mode option.
  • Intensity adjustment from 0 to full by pre-set dimmer curves.
  • Flicker free with adjustable PWM.
  • Frequency adjustable strobe function.
  • Functions feedback remote control (DMX-RDM).

Projectors equipped with a Fresnel lens, recognizable by the particular surface with concentric “steps” which allow a wide and uniform diffusion of the light beam, making the transition between the light and shadow areas very soft.

This type of fixture, equipped with an adjustable fork and optics adjustment system, is used to obtain diffused and uniform directional lighting, with particularly soft “out-of-focus” contours.

The housing is IP20 rating, made by rugged, highly resistant extruded aluminum, free of defects such as burrs, pits and malformations, in combination with lightweight fiber glass enforced hammer proof techno-polymer parts.

The housing doesn’t present any sharp edge and be made with a durable yet lightweight and rustproof construction with excellent mechanical strength for longer life also in presence of high humidity.

Finish is shockproof with anti-scratch epoxy raisin powder coating non-reflective black finish with electrostatic application.

The fixture has a rugged rustproof aluminum yoke, reversible and adjustable in height, with fast balancing technology, mounted into extruded aluminum sliding rail for any positioning of the yoke.

The fixture can easily stand on the floor without other accessories thanks to a quick adjustable and extremely flexible yoke positioning.

The fixture has a display equipped with a 4 buttons for local control.

The fixture utilizes an advanced thermal management system to maintain LED life to an average of 70% intensity after 54,000 hours of use.

The thermal management system is based on the combination of two cooling systems:

– a passive natural heat convection and

– a super silent active cooling system, also controllable via lighting desk

The passive natural heat convection is guaranteed by excellent LED cooling due to very large and effective double labyrinth dissipation, which at the same time avoid any light spillage over the entire top and the back part of the fixture.

The active cooling system is guaranteed by a forced dissipation of heat using a fan, allowing to intervene on the speed and therefore on the noise of the fans. 

The thermal management system includes multiple temperature sensors to avoid an early LED deterioration. In addition a fan speed software allows to override DMX fan speed setting or the current to the LED array in order to prevent heat damages of the fixture that brings lifespan at risk.

The focusing is made by very accurate soft fine-tuning endless screw zoom mechanism placed inside the housing in order to guarantee that the size and balance of the fixture remain stable in any position, even with barndoors and filter frames in front.

The projection has a very precise variable beam angle fine adjustment without jerkins.

Power supply:

The fixture has the PSU driver and dimmer electronic integrated on board.

The fixture is equipped with an internal auto sensing power supply with an input range from 100V to 240V – 50/60 Hz protect by on board fuse

The efficiency should be PF>0.94/230VAC PF>0.98/115VAC at full load

Power connector:

– lockable Neutrik® PowerCON True1 TOP main input connector

– lockable Neutrik® PowerCON True1 TOP main through connector

The fixture supports power in and thru operation up to 16A

Control (DMX signal):

– international standard with XLR 5-pole in/out connectors

The fixtures can be linked together with standard DMX cable

The optical system guarantees a powerful uniform light output without pixilation thanks to a high-quality borosilicate glass lense.

The lense is mounted onto extended holders to allow the best ventilation.


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