SPL Phonitor xe

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SPL Phonitor xe


SPL Phonitor xe

Our nonplusultra headphone amplifier.

The Phonitor xe is the nonplusultra standalone headphone amplifier without any compromises. Phonitor Matrix, remote volume control, retro-look VU meter, the optional premium DA converter and the all-superior VOLTAiR technology make the Phonitor xe one of the best headphone amplifiers of our time.

Great Sound – for all headphones

The Phonitor xe offers connections for a standard headphone with a stereo jack plug and for balanced-driven headphones using a 4 pin XLR plug.

Thanks to the enormous output power, all headphones are driven effortlessly.
Thus, it plays out the advantages of the SPL VOLTAiR technology and rewards the listener with an honest, detailed and at the same time vivid sound experience.

Twice as nice

The Phonitor xe provides headphone outputs on the front and on the rear. On the front, you switch between F (front) and R (rear). This way, your favorite headphones remain firmly connected on the rear – without visible cabling on the front.

Milled from solid

The massive 45mm volume control knob milled from aluminum is a haptic highlight. Its mass together with the motorized Alps RK27 “Big Blue” potentiometer enhances the “spoon in the honey” feeling even further.

The red marker LED ensures good visibility of the volume parameter even in darkened environments.

Remote control

The volume control can be remotely controlled with any infrared remote control.

The Phonitor xe learns to communicate with it with the simple push of a button.

Learning made easy

Using Phonitor x as an example, this video explains how you can use any infrared remote control to remotely control the volume.

Source of joy

Up to six (6 !) stereo sources can be connected to the Phonitor xe:
XLR, RCA and via the optional DAC768 also USB, COAX, OPTICAL and AES.

Phonitor xe accepts almost all audio connections. Balanced via XLR or unbalanced via RCA connectors.

With the optional DAC768, four additional digital sources are added. From USB to professional AES format, no wishes remain unfulfilled.

The DAC automatically picks up the sampling rate and resolution of the digital playback source. No matter if a streamer, computer or CD player is connected. No further settings on the Phonitor xe are necessary.

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