SPL Control One - The Monitor Controller

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SPL Control One - The Monitor Controller


SPL Control One - The Monitor Controller

The Monitor Controller

with innovative features, developed for fast workflow and impressive sound quality.


For us the sound is always in the foreground. When it sounds good, we like to listen. To get such a sound, you need experience and technical finesse. We have incorporated both into the Series One.

Full control

The big analog volume control offers the perfect control range to adjust the monitoring volume intuitively and precisely.

Speaker & Subwoofer – monitoring without any compromises

As a full-fledged monitor controller, Control One offers two pairs of outputs for stereo speakers.
You can listen to your production via two switchable pairs of speakers. A subwoofer is also switched on and off with speaker pair A.

In the middle position of the switch, the speakers are switched off, which is convenient because you don’t have to turn the volume control back.

Two stereo inputs

Control One provides two analog stereo inputs for input devices such as DA converters, CD players, microphone preamps, synthesizers or an analog tape machine.

Line Out

  • The signal selected in the input section is output unchanged at the line output “Line Out”.
  • The line output has unity gain, the normal, unregulated output level – independent of the volume control.
  • Multiple users can listen in via additional headphone amplifier connected to the Line Out.
  • The Control One can also be easily looped into a monitoring chain without the need for another output at the playback source.
  • You can also send the signal to another mixer for further processing.
  • There are no limits to creativity here.

Perfectly monitored

Control One allows three different monitoring modes.
The mix can be monitored in “Stereo” or mono compatibility can be checked in “Mono”.

A special feature is the channel swap function:

L/R > R/L

This function reverses the stereo image. Left becomes right and right becomes left.

This is especially important and extremely time-saving when you are searching your sound library for samples in video dubbing that should match a scene with direction of movement.
If the direction is not correct, you usually have to load the sample into the DAW to switch channels before you can hear if the sample fits. With the L/R > R/L function this is no longer necessary. You can now simply swap the direction of movement while prelistening samples in the library.

The headphone output stage

Weak sound on headphones?
Not enough power?

Not here. Control One delivers a full headphone sound – and that up to really loud.

The output stage of the headphone amplifier is designed as a push-pull amplifier in class AB mode. The bipolar transistors share the amplification of the positive and negative half-waves, which produces a higher gain and a higher output voltage than in Class A operation, where only one transistor amplifies both half-waves.

The output stage transistors are thermally coupled and thus run particularly coherently, which contributes to a consistent and stable sound image.

The power supply has a buffer circuit with low source resistance, ensuring generous current reserves even when operating low-impedance headphones.

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