SPL BiG - Stereo Image Bigger Maker

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SPL BiG - Stereo Image Bigger Maker


SPL BiG - Stereo Image Bigger Maker

The Stereo Image Bigger Maker for 500 Series.

500 Series double-slot module for stereo stage processing.

BiG is special.BiG is unique.

BiG enlarges the stereo image in a new manner and opens up new creative ways of sound shaping. Intuitive with just three controls.


The On/Bypass switch activates (On) or deactivates (Bypass) the module. This allows you to quickly switch between processed and unprocessed signal.

Signal LEDs

The signal LEDs (Sig) indicate whether an audio signal is present at the input of the respective channel. (With a level higher than -20 dBu)

Stereo Image Shaping


With the Range control, the frequency Range which should be processed can be selected.


With the Stage control, the frequency range previously selected with the Range control can be moved backwards or forwards on the stereo stage.

The BASS/Off switch can be used to activate (BASS) or deactivate (Off) an additional bass boost following the BIGNESS section. The bass boost is performed by a passive filter implemented in a similar circuit to the one used in the AirBass function of the SPL IRON Mastering Compressor.

Black magic?

In BiG a difference signal derived from the input signal is processed by an analog filter network before mixed back to the original signal in a special mixing stage. This is not M/S processing but a completely different and new way of stereo-processing. The processed stereo signal, when summed to mono, creates a clean mono signal without phase shifts, cancellations, or other unwanted artifacts.


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