Sound Radix Radical® Bundle 4

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Sound Radix Radical® Bundle 4


Sound Radix Radical® Bundle 4

Radical® Bundle 4 includes all five of our studio plugins at a special price. Get Auto-Align 2, Drum Leveler, Pi, POWAIR, and SurferEQ 2 for only $599 instead of $945 when purchased separately.

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Auto-Align® 2

Auto-Align 2 eliminates comb-filtering, reduces transient smearing, and optimizes microphone phase to capture the full and defined sound of your recordings.

With improved speed and efficiency, Auto-Align 2 streamlines the alignment workflow. Its new spectral phase correction module, refined algorithm, and user-friendly interface make alignment effortless.

Drum Leveler

Introducing Drum Leveler: a beat detection-driven compressor/expander and gate.Drum Leveler effortlessly achieves the desired target level for individual drum beats, without compromising bleed noise or beats outside the user-defined processing range.

Powerful and user-friendly, Drum Leveler enhances drum dynamics, delivering solid driving grooves, improved clarity, and enhanced punch to any percussive performance.

SurferEQ® 2

SurferEQ 2: the groundbreaking pitch-tracking equalizer plug-in. Dynamically track monophonic instruments or vocals, moving selected bands with the music. Adapt band frequencies in real-time for a natural harmonic balance, revolutionizing your sound.

A powerful tool for sound designers, producers, and mastering engineers. Create subtle tone shaping or dramatic timbre changes with ease.


POWAIR: the smarter, natural-sounding compressor. A dual-stage loudness leveler, compressor, and limiter powered by a proprietary engine. Exceptional transparency and control for professional sound engineers.

Features like Adaptive Compression maintain natural dynamics while adding intensity. Punch allows precise control over transient levels and peak management.

Achieve transparent, controlled, and dynamic sound with POWAIR. Elevate your mixes with this valuable tool for professional sound engineers.


The innovative phase interactions mixer plug-in engine for Mac and PC. Overlapping instruments in a mix can cause unwanted interactions, resulting in canceled frequencies and thinness.

Achieve ideal phase relationships with PI. By dynamically rotating mixer channel phases, PI minimizes negative interactions and maximizes coherence. Enhance your mix with PI for maximum phase coherence and a professional sound.

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