Sound Particles Explorer SFX Cloud 1-year Subscription

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Sound Particles Explorer SFX Cloud 1-year Subscription


Sound Particles Explorer SFX Cloud 1-year Subscription

Explorer SFX Cloud is a cloud service with multiple sound collections with over 100 000 professional sound effects available for all sound professionals.

From content creators to sound designers, save hours of work and find all the sounds you need in just a few seconds! 

Explorer continues to be free for you to access your local sounds while SFX Cloud is an add-on allowing you to access thousands and thousands of sound effects in the cloud.

By subscribing to Explorer SFX Cloud, you're also supporting the sound designer community. A portion of the subscription revenue goes to the partners providing their sound collections.


  • Multichannel sound effects available – Access to mono, stereo, multichannel and Ambisonics audio files.

  • Full access & unlimited downloads – Flat rate with full access.

  • Find sounds in seconds – Find the sounds you’re looking for in just a few seconds, don’t leave your editing flow.

  • Support the sound community – the revenue model of SFX Cloud was designed to support the sound design community by sharing a portion of the subscription’s revenue with sound libraries creators. 

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