Sound Particles 6 FX

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Sound Particles 6 FX


Sound Particles 6 FX

Sound Particles 6 FX - Density, Space Controller Studio, Brightness Panner & Energy Panner, Air & Doppler

6FX includes


Density uses our granular technology to turn one single sound into small and large ensembles with several layers.

Space Controller Studio

Space Controller uses your phone as a movement reader and pans the sounds to where you're pointing.

Brightness Panner

Brightness Panner uses the frequency content of sounds to move them around you.

Energy Panner

Energy Panner uses the intensity of a sound to control its movement without any effort or additional routing.


Doppler is the perfect tool to simulate the physical behavior of sound passing by through the air. Use it on any DAW.


Air is the perfect tool to simulate distance through high frequency attenuation. Use it on any DAW.

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