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Sound Anchors MOTO27


Sound Anchors MOTO27

PAIR MOTORIZED Fixed 26” Start/25” Travel Stands for MM27/MM27

Sound Anchor MOTOF STANDS are your very best solution if you need to get your near-field monitors completely out of sight. Push the button and your monitors smoothly drop out of the field of view or return to their original height with the push of another button.
The MOTOF stands feature 25" of vertical travel. The platform is centered over the powerful telescopic lifting column. The Sound Anchor MOTOF Stand has a powerful linear actuator inside it to smoothly raise and lower the speaker. The wired remote control unit precisely controls the up and down motion of two speaker stands. The stands are synchronized to move at exactly the same speed and when stopped they will stop at the same height. The control module is made to be fastened to any flat surface. The power supply/logic module can be hung under the mixer.

When monitors are positioned properly on stable, correct height platforms they work better period. The MOTOF Stand allows the engineer to control monitor precise height from his listening position.
The Sound Anchors MOTOF stands are designed to allow the engineer to correctly position a pair of monitors behind his console for best sound. The bases are filled and damped from the factory. MOTOF stands offer a very solid and stable support for your speakers. The speaker platform is made of 1/4" thick aluminum which reduces the amount of energy that gets transferred into the stand. Sound Anchor MOTOF stands isolate the speakers from the console, each other and the floor which gives you a cleaner, more detailed and more accurate sound.

Sound Anchor MOTOF stands are ideal for:

1. Music control rooms.
2. Surround sound monitoring.
3. CD mastering.
4. Radio and television broadcasting studios.
5. Film post production.
6. Video game production.
7. Online audio production.
8. Any application that requires remote fixed start lift capability.

Speaker Platform Sizes: 10" X 10" (default size) other sizes are available as a cost + option.

Sound Anchor MOTOF Adjustable Speaker Stands are hand crafted in the USA. They are made of large section square steel tubing and aluminum plate. Sound Anchor MOTOF stands have a welded construction which makes them strong and stable. They are spiked at the floor to mass load and anchor your monitors in space. Special sorbathane pads are provided for use between the speaker and stand. Sound Anchors MOTOF Adjustable Monitor Stands are pre-filled using our proprietary methods and materials to eliminate resonance and add mass. These features give Sound Anchors the highest level of professional performance and Sound Anchor Adjustable Stands are found in many of the world's leading studios. Sound Anchor MOTOF Monitor Stands are cost effective tools for your high performance recording studio.

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