Sound Anchors Footprint

SKU: Footprint-38
$ 600.00

The Barefoot Footprint01 custom stands by Sound Anchor make proper speaker placement possible. When monitors are positioned properly on rigid stable platforms they work better, period. The entire sound field will have more clarity, tones will be more accurate, dynamic contrasts will be greater and subtle anomalies in the mix will become more apparent. With the extended low frequency response of the Barefoot Footprint01's, it becomes even more important to decouple that energy from the floor and any surrounding structure; the only way to do this is with a quality rigid and heavy duty stand.

The Barefoot Footprin01 by Sound Anchor stand is a fixed height unit. It is available in the two most commonly requested heights of 44" (for installations where a higher placement is necessary to clear a console meter bridge) or 38" (for more low profile table level workstations). They have a four point highly stable 14" x 14" base. The top platform is custom fitted to the size of the Footprint01's base.