$ 499.99

Uni-directional condenser microphone suitable for vocal/voice recording. Inheriting the microphone capsule used in the C-100 and using the same material as the C-800G for the diaphragm, this microphone inherits the essence of the predecessors. The dual diaphragm configuration suppresses sound characteristics changes with distance (proximity effect), enabling stable recording/distribution. “Noise Elimination Construction” succeeded from C-800G/C-100 prevents acoustic vibration resulting in low noise and clear sound.


Excellent Sound Quality

A powerful and rich mid-low frequency range provides vocals and voice recordings with a core sound and presence.

Dual Diaphragm Configuration

The dual diaphragm configuration realizes stable recording/distribution by suppressing sound characteristic changes with distance (proximity effect).

Noise Elimination Construction

The two-part metallic body structure succeeded from the C-800G/C-100 microphone prevents acoustic vibration, resulting in low noise and clear sound.

Low-Cut Filter

The low-Cut filter switch helps eliminate the low-frequency noise and proximity effect.

Pad Switch

An -10dB pad switch on the microphone provides added headroom and minimizes distortion caused by transient peaks.