Sontronics Solo Handheld Dynamic Microphone

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Sontronics Solo Handheld Dynamic Microphone


Sontronics Solo Handheld Dynamic Microphone

The Sontronics Solo is a handheld dynamic supercardioid microphone with an extremely tight supercardioid pattern, built in the UK and able to stand up to any handheld mic regardless of price.

Does the world need another handheld dynamic mic? It does if it’s lightweight with superb off-axis rejection for high-gain before feedback, and sonically outperforms other dynamic mics, including some that cost four or five times the Solo. Requiring no EQ, the Sontronics Solo is very easy to set up and use, whether you're a live sound engineer, a gigging vocalist with your own PA, or a guitarist recording amps in your home set-up.

Sontronics Solo-Just the Facts:

  • Handheld dynamic mic
  • Tight supercardioid pattern
  • Excellent off-axis rejection
  • Requires no EQ
  • Comes with mic clip and pouch
  • Amazing quality and great value
  • Covered by a lifetime warranty

Sontronics Solo-Behind the Grille

The Sontronics Solo is the world's first dynamic mic to be designed, developed and made in the UK. Manufactured in Sontronics’ home county of Dorset, the Solo is engineered from a solid piece of aluminum with black anodized finish, featuring a beautifully etched logo. It feels substantial but not too heavy in the hand, which enables the performer freedom to cavort about the stage without fatigue. It’s great for amps and drums and works just as well in the studio as it does on stage.

The Solo comes with a mic clip with a thread adapter so it will fit any size mic stand, plus a leather-effect pouch for storage and protection when moving from gig to gig. And like all Sontronics mics, the Solo is covered by a lifetime warranty.

What the pros are saying about the Sontronics Solo

"With full-bodied, clear sound the Solo is instantly gratifying. It's a no-brainer for live vocals, especially at this price, but it will easily find a place in the studio and on non-vocal sources" - Robbie Stamp, Reviewer (Future Music/MusicRadar)

"What a stunning piece of British engineering…the Solo sounds absolutely amazing and way outperforms anything else we've used over the years" - Steve Barrett-White, head engineer and AV technician (RIBA)


The Sontronics Solo microphone was shortlisted for the NAMM Foundation's TEC (Technical Excellence & Creativity) awards along with only three other microphones. It was also listed as the only microphone in MusicRadar's 2017 Best In Tech awards.

Sontronics Solo applications

The Solo has an extremely tight supercardioid pattern and gives excellent results on live vocals, guitar amps, and drums, plus it works just as well in the studio as it does on stage.

Recommended uses:

  • Live vocals (sung, rap, MC-ing, etc)
  • Studio vocals
  • Guitar amp
  • Kick drum and snare drum
  • Hi-hat and other percussion
  • Harmonica

The Sontronics Solo is revolutionizing the world of live sound reinforcement, and when you hear it, you won't believe your ears-or the price. Order yours today. For more information, call or chat inline with your PAD Studio Specialist.

  • Polar pattern: Supercardioid
  • Frequency response: 50Hz - 15kHz
  • Sensitivity: -50dB ±2dB
  • Impedance: ≤600 ohm
  • Connector: Three-pin XLR
  • Power: Phantom power NOT required
  • Dimensions: 7-1/2" x 1-7/8" x 1-7/8" (190 x 47 x 47mm)
  • Weight: 12.4 oz. (352g)
  • Comes with: mic clip, thread adaptor, zip pouch

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