Sonnet xMac Studio

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Expansion Options: xMac Studio/Echo III - Enclosure with Echo III Module

Expansion Options

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Sonnet xMac Studio


Sonnet xMac Studio

Pro 3U Rackmount Enclosure with Thunderbolt to PCIe Card Expansion System for Mac Studio

Your Workflow expanded and secured  

A Mac Studio™ delivers phenomenal processing power, outperforming computers multiple times its size and price — it also provide a lot of ports to connect things. But how do you incorporate a Mac Studio into off-the-desk professional workflows?
Sonnet xMac Studio integrates a Mac Studio into a compact rackmount enclosure with an optional PCIe card expansion module to support diverse audio and video application needs

Designed for Expansion

Connect Specialty Audio and Video Cards

Three Systems to Choose From

For many creative professionals, PCIe card expansion for connecting specialty cards to handle audio and video post-production projects is not an option — it’s a necessity! Sonnet designed the xMac Studio for pro workflow flexibility; choose a system configured with a Thunderbolt to PCIe card expansion module that best suits your needs. xMac Studio is also available without a module so you can add one at a later date, or use one of your existing compatible Sonnet expansion modules*.

xMac Studio/Echo III

  • Enclosure with Echo III Module
  • Three PCIe 3.0 slots
  • (one x16 plus two x8 slots; supports PCIe 4.0, 3.0, 2.0, and 1.1 PCIe cards)
  • Supports three full-height,
  • full-length PCIe cards
  • Two 40Gbps Thunderbolt ports
  • 400W power supply
  • (with 75W aux. power connector)
  • Dual Noctua quiet fans
  • (rated at 17 dbA)
  • Includes power cable, 40Gbps Thunderbolt cable, ThunderLok 3 connector retainer clip, and two adhesive-backed magnets for mounting portable SSDs
  • Part No. XMAC-STD-III

xMac Studio/Echo I

  • Enclosure with Echo I Module
  • One PCIe slot
  • (one x16 slot; supports PCIe 4.0, 3.0, 2.0, and 1.1 PCIe cards)
  • Supports one full-height,
  • full-length PCIe card
  • One 40Gbps Thunderbolt port
  • 400W power supply
  • (with 150W aux. power connectors)
  • Dual Noctua quiet fans
  • (rated at 17 dbA)
  • Includes power cable, 40Gbps Thunderbolt cable, ThunderLok 3 connector retainer clip, and two adhesive-backed magnets for mounting portable SSDs
  • Part No. XMAC-STD-I

xMac Studio/No Module

  • Enclosure with no module
  • Pro rackmount enclosure with an open bay for an Echo III or Echo I Thunderbolt to PCIe card expansion module
  • Includes two adhesive-backed magnets for mounting portable SSDs
  • Part No. XMAC-STD-0

Control and Connect

Easy Access to Mac Studio and PCIe Card Expansion Module

xMac Studio is a rugged steel 3U rackmount enclosure for securing a Mac Studio with optional PCIe card expansion module in a rack, placing the Mac Studio behind a quick and easy to remove front panel. Convenient front panel operation allows you turn Mac Studio on with its own dedicated front power button, connect USB devices through a 4-port USB-A hub, and access the computer’s front ports and SD card slots. When equipped with an Echo III or Echo I PCIe Card Expansion Module, three rear panel locking thumbscrews allow you to easily pull out and access the module and PCIe cards through the front without removing the front panel. The xMac Studio design enables you to connect and disconnect cables without needing to remove the Mac Studio from the enclosure.

An opening on top of xMac Studio ensures hindrance-free wireless signal access. The xMac Studio is designed to allow normal WiFi and Bluetooth wireless operation in most configurations (depending on rack type and position in rack), so you can use wireless devices and iOS® device control apps.

Key Features

Connects PCIe Card Slots to Mac Studio

Use high-performance PCIe cards with the Mac Studio.

Makes Your Mac Studio Road-ready

3U rackmount enclosure with firm rubber cushions securely holds the Mac Studio and Thunderbolt expansion module in place, adding mobility to your workflow.

Ideal for Use in Server Rooms

Standard mounting holes and included adjustable rack rails enable easy installation into any standard server rack up to 24” deep.

Front to Back Airflow Management

Supports direct airflow through the enclosure, Mac Studio, and Thunderbolt expansion module to keep them operating as cool in a rack as on a desk, even when the xMac Studio is mounted between two other rack-mounted components.

Front Panel Power Switch and Integrated USB-A Ports

Front panel button enables operation of the computer’s rear-mounted power switch; integrated USB-A hub enables connection of four USB peripherals to the Mac Studio.

Easy Access

No tools required – removable front panel secured with thumbscrews allows easy installation of and access to the Mac Studio. Secured with three thumbscrews on the back, the Thunderbolt expansion module can be removed and reinstalled through the front of the enclosure without removing the front plate.

Space for Storage

Behind a covered opening beneath the computer is a space to place two Thunderbolt or USB SSDs (sold separately); two included adhesive-backed magnets secure them in place.

Open Slot and Port Access

Provides access to the computer’s SD card slot and front and back panel ports, enabling you to connect and disconnect cables easily.

Cool Design

Go with the Airflow – Supports the Mac Studio Thermal Design

xMac Studio secures your Mac Studio without trapping in recirculating hot rack air, supporting its thermal design to keep it as cool in a rack as out on a desk. Ventilation holes on the enclosure’s front panel plus an enclosed chamber beneath the Mac Studio ensures the computer’s ability to draw in cool air through its base, while a completely open back enables it to expel warm air out the back unimpeded.

Space for SSDs

Secure Two Thunderbolt or USB SSDs Under the Mac Studio

xMac Studio provides space beneath the computer to house two Thunderbolt or USB SSDs (sold separately) up to 3.2 inches wide by 0.75 inch tall. Simply remove the rear access panel, apply the supplied adhesive-backed magnet to the bottom of the SSDs, insert the SSDs and connect them to the computer, and then reinstall the panel. The space is also suitable for other thin, bus-powered devices.

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