Solid State Logic SSL 4K E

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Solid State Logic SSL 4K E


Solid State Logic SSL 4K E

The 4K E Plug-in is the definitive software emulation of the 4000E console channel strip, authentically recreating the sound, processing and workflow of one of the most highly regarded and influential music production tools in history. Released in 1979, the 4000E console played a pivotal role in reshaping the way music was made. Its big, punchy sound, advanced processing tools and ground-breaking flexibility meant it quickly became the tool of choice for the world's top studios. The 4000E console dominated the studio landscape through the ‘80s &’90s and became the sonic signature of the era's most iconic albums and tracks, with many producers and engineers considering the console a major influence on the evolution of ‘modern’ production techniques and the sound of contemporary music. 

The 4000E console has become a rare sight in studios of today. As this analogue icon enters the record production history books, Solid State Logic has expertly modelled the console's legendary sonic character and workflow, capturing its legacy in plug-in form. This digital incarnation immortalises the 4000E in your DAW, with a level of precision and accuracy that only the original manufacturer of the '4K' console can deliver. Solid State Logic proudly presents its finest channel strip plug-in to date –The 4K E.


The 4000E played a pivotal role in reshaping the way music was produced, its surgical yet musical EQ, versatile Compressor/Expander, and unique ‘forward’ sonic presentation quickly became a hallmark of iconic albums and tracks. The sound of the SL4000 is so desirable that it continues to be the console of choice for the world’s top mixing engineers including Andy Wallace (Prince, Bruce Springsteen, Nirvana), Chris Lorde-Alge (James Brown, Joe Cocker, Green Day), Tom Lorde-Alge (The Rolling Stones, Santana, Steve Winwood), Alan Moulder (Nine Inch Nails, The Killers, The Smashing Pumpkins) and Spike Stent ( Spice Girls, Oasis, Beyonce).


The 4K E plug-in lives up to the legend of the 4000E, imparting all the vibe and rich non-linear analogue character of the console itself. The plug-in is a precise emulation, with detailed component-level modelling and an intricate capture of the original circuit schematics. Highlights include the hyper-realistic emulation of the Jensen T-115K-E transformer found on early 4000E mic pres, as well as the DBX 202 Gold Can fader VCA offering multiple layers of harmonic saturation throughout the channel strip.


SSL 4K E integrates seamlessly into the 360° Plug-in Mixer ecosystem and is fully controllable from UC1, UF1 and UF8 hardware.

Jensen T-115K-E transformer mic preamp 

Add non-linear harmonics and drive using 4K E’s transformer-balanced preamp. Moving from a Jensen JE-115K-E found on the 4000B console, the Jensen JT-115K-E variant delivers more even-order harmonics at moderate saturation levels, offering a different sonic character to the B-series mic amp.

Brown, Orange and Black knob

The 4000E EQ went through various design iterations, each offering engineers very different characteristics and capabilities when sculpting sounds. The 4K E Plug-in includes them all; the original ’02 Brown’ knob renowned for its grit, the rare passive ‘132 Orange’ knob, and the cleaner ‘242 Black’ knob with its legendary low-end weight.

Channel Compressor

Flexibility is at the heart of SSL channel compression; it’s designed to smooth and enhance almost any signal. Several revisions were made over the course of the console's lifetime but ‘Revision 4’ is the pinnacle design reference, with a soft-knee, FAST/SLOW attack options and logarithmic release curve.

Gate & Expander

SSL gates and expanders are somewhat of an unsung hero in mixing. Powerful, yet undeniably musical – they are highly effective in cleaning up audio at the source. They can also be used to great effect Expander section can be used creatively at the mixing stage.

Modelled DBX 202 ‘gold can’ VCA fader

The DBX 202 ‘gold can’ VCA fader introduces subtle saturation at the output – drive the fader to introduce harmonics and then dial back the output using the output trim control.

HQ mode for enhanced processing and oversampling

 Use the High Quality (HQ) mode to turn on intelligent oversampling under the hood – applying the minimum amount of oversampling necessary for a closer approximation of a continuous analogue signal.

Total control from the SSL 360° Plug-in Mixer

Mix ‘n’ match SSL channel strip plug-ins and control them all from the SSL 360° Plug-in Mixer – your virtual SSL console – including first-class integration with the SSL UF8 and SSL UC1 controllers for hands-on control.

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