Slate Digital Submerge

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Slate Digital Submerge


Slate Digital Submerge

Meet Submerge!

Make Your Music Pump with Precision

Submerge is an advanced automatic sidechain plugin that is designed to create unique, exciting ducking and pumping effects.

With three different Trigger modes, eight effect types, customizable control curves and more, Submerge is an incredibly flexible sound design tool that adds a touch of modern magic to a classic production technique.

Three Triggers, Three Curves 

Submerge can be triggered via auto sync, MIDI, or audio triggers. The plugin also features three control curve modes, allowing for a range of subtle to extreme results.

Formidable Flexibility

Submerge features eight built-in creative effects that take your sidechained source sound even further. Independently duck the center or side channels, push and crush your signal, or use filters to create custom sweeps.

Duck or Push

In addition to the default ducking behavior, any curve can also be inverted by holding SHIFT when selecting them so the plugin ducks except when triggered, making it act more like a pusher than a ducker.

At A Glance

  • Advanced automatic sidechain plugin
  • Creates ducking/pumping effect popularized by EDM and hip-hop
  • Three trigger modes (auto sync, MIDI and audio)
  • Eight effect types transform ducking/pumping effect
  • Morph, Depth and Tweak knobs further manipulate sound
  • A / B mode lets you toggle between two different groups of settings

Tech Specs

  • OS Compatibility: Mac, PC
  • Plugin Architecture: 64-bit
  • Format: VST2, VST3, AU, AAX
  • Hardware Requirements, Mac: Intel or Apple Silicon Processor
  • Hardware Requirements, PC: Intel or AMD Processor, 4GB RAM
  • OS Requirements, Mac: macOS 10.15 or later (macOS 11 or later rec.)
  • OS Requirements, PC: Windows 10 or 11

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