Slate Digital Strongroom London - Virtual Microphone Expansion Pack

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Slate Digital Strongroom London - Virtual Microphone Expansion Pack


Slate Digital Strongroom London - Virtual Microphone Expansion Pack

Bring Home the Sound of Shoreditch

The Strongroom London mic pack offers a handpicked collection of classic mics used by
everyone from Radiohead to the Spice Girls. This module is designed to be used in conjunction with the ML-1 microphone.

There’s no shortage of stories that illustrate the significance of the Strongroom studio space. Some of the biggest songs in modern music history were written within its walls, from the megahit Spice Girls song “Wannabe” to The Prodigy’s seminal 1997 single “Firestarter.”

Strongroom has also played an enormous role in building up the community it’s surrounded by. After first putting down roots in 1984, the studio (and eventually, its adjacent bar and restaurant) became a boon for Shoreditch, bringing other businesses flocking to the area and establishing the community as the new “place to be”.

The pack’s artwork pays tribute to artist Jamie Reid, the designer of the legendary Sex Pistols album artwork and Strongroom’s own interiors, particularly Strongroom’s famed Studio One.

The Mics

The Strongroom London mic pack includes five (5) brand new virtual mic models:

SD-414 BU
Touted as “the reference microphone for almost all comparative microphone tests,“ the
SD-414 BU delivers the ultra-linear response that made its source mic legendary. It’s great for vocals, pianos, percussive elements, or anything else that generates complex

SD-414 EB
The SD-414 EB is based on a mic that was the first of its kind in several regards—but perhaps its most distinctive characteristic is the capsule. Its tonal characteristics make it perfect for capturing vocals and acoustic instruments, but its response is generally excellent regardless of source.

SD-12 VR
The SD-12 VR is based on a mic that was designed to improve upon what is considered to be the 'holy grail of microphones.' Featuring the same 6072A vacuum tube and dual-diaphragm design as the original, this mic model captures the same reliable response and low-noise output as its source.

Originally beloved as the most versatile vocal mic in the industry, this mic is armed with several features that make it a must-have addition to your locker. This mic is ideal for tracking brighter sound sources like horns and amped guitars, and its uncluttered low-end also make it suitable for upright bass and bass amp tracking, too.

This virtual mic is a perfect model of an incredibly important piece of recording technology. The original was a wholly singular device that proved indispensable upon arrival, becoming the near-immediate preference of the entire BBC. Its clear but colorful and detailed response make it perfectly suited for capturing a wide array of sources; the Beatles used a pair as drum overheads so famously they’re on display at the Beatles Story museum in Liverpool.

At A Glance

  • Five new virtual mic models for the ML-1 and Virtual Microphone System
  • Five classic mics from the Strongroom London collection
  • Each mic in the pack used by top-selling recording artists
  • Collection of mics that captures a distinctly British tone
  • Each mic is excellent for vocals, instruments, and drums
  • No iLok dongle required

Tech Specs

  • For use with: ML-1 Modeling Microphone
  • Software Type: Microphone Emulation(s)
  • Plugin Architecture: 64-bit
  • Format: VST2, VST3, AU, AAX
  • Hardware Requirements, Mac: Intel or Apple Silicon Processor
  • Hardware Requirements, PC: Intel or AMD Processor, 4GB RAM
  • OS Requirements, Mac: macOS 10.15 or later (macOS 11 or later rec.)
  • OS Requirements, PC: Windows 10 or 11

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