Slate Digital FG-X2

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Slate Digital FG-X2


Slate Digital FG-X2

Looking for a mastering solution that does it all? FG-X 2 is powered by two incredible modules: FG-Comp and FG-Level. FG-Comp is designed to maintain all the original punch and transients of your mix. FG-Level is an intelligent processor whose algorithm analyzes the input signal to determine whether to apply saturation or limiting based on the unique frequency content of your track.


FG-X 2 features four modes that were carefully crafted to cover everything from extremely transparent limiting with zero pumping all the way to loud processing with gorgeous, colorful saturation. Once you find the sound you’re looking for, adjust your overall level with the Gain knob.


FG-X 2 comes with two presentation and processing views: Easy, the default setting for a fast & loud result, and Advanced, which unleashes an extra set of parameters for more advanced users. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned studio veteran, FG-X 2 has everything you need to get the job done—and then some.


The introduction of FG-X 2 turns the All Access Pass into the only mixing & mastering toolkit you’ll ever need. FG-X 2 joins a lineup of exceptional EQs, compressors, and faithful emulations of some of the most legendary pieces of analog mixing gear ever made. With FG-X 2, you can get the pro mix & master you’ve been looking for, entirely in the box, and entirely in the All Access Pass.


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