Sennheiser e 908 B-ew

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Sennheiser e 908 B-ew


Sennheiser e 908 B-ew

Instrument microphone (cardioid, condenser) for wind instruments with evolution wireless stereo jack. Includes (1) MZH 908 B-II quick-release clip and (1) carrying pouch (2.9 oz)

The evolution e 908 instrument microphone is available in four variants:

as e 908 D for drums and percussion

as e 908 B for wind instruments, congas, and drums with free-floating suspension system

as e 908 B ew for the wireless miking of saxophones using an evolution wireless instrument transmitter

as e 908 T ew for the wireless miking of trumpets using an evolution wireless instrument transmitter

For further information about these models please refer to "Variants".

  • Exceptionally lively, clear sound

  • Quick and flexible setup

  • Optimal positioning with long-necked, flexible boom

  • Integrated shock absorber eliminates handling noise

  • Reduced sensitivity for high SPL brass instruments

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