Reason Studio Reason+ Annual Subscription DLD - 109715749

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Reason Studio Reason+ Annual Subscription DLD - 109715749


Reason Studio Reason+ Annual Subscription DLD - 109715749

Featured Device: Chord Sequencer

Chord Sequencer, the latest Player from Reason Studios is the fastest way to new chords. Whether you’re already a skilled player but stuck in your chordal ways or still learning how to master the keys—the magic of Chord Sequencer is that it will help you find new chords that your fingers may not naturally gravitate towards.

Mind-blowing sounds

Reason Studios’ 20 year heritage is in our instrument and effects design. From monster wavetable synths like Europa, to state-of-the-art physically modelled string instruments like Friktion, industry-leading distortion units like Scream4 and "algorhythmic" drum sequencers like Beat Map—we've got just what you need to kickstart your next idea.

Find fresh sounds, every week

Sound Packs are like musical building blocks that just sound perfect together. Sound Packs are filled with Reason patches (aka presets) that are powerful combinations of various Reason devices, made by world-class sound designers. With new Sound Packs every week, you’ve always got somewhere to turn for some inspiration.


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