Radial Engineering ProMS2 - Microphone Splitter

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Radial Engineering ProMS2 - Microphone Splitter


Radial Engineering ProMS2 - Microphone Splitter

Passive 2-way Microphone Splitter

The ProMS2™ is a balanced mic-level splitter designed to send a signal to multiple destinations simultaneously on stage, with one transformer-isolated output and two direct outputs.

  • Send one microphone signal to three destinations simultaneously
  • Eclipse transformer for clean & transparent audio
  • Eliminates hum and buzz caused by ground loops
  • Single isolated output provides optimal noise rejection

Portable mic splitting for stage use

The ProMS2 is a mic splitter designed to split a single source to multiple destinations simultaneously without signal degradation or noise. A high quality Eclipse transformer inside provides galvanic isolation to eliminate hum and buzz from ground loops, while delivering a wide frequency response and low distortion. Ground lifts on the outputs help further reduce noise, while an input pad allows line-level sources to be connected as well. The ProMS2 can be rack mounted for touring and installation purposes, with up to eight fitting in the Radial J-Rak.


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