Radial Engineering HotShot ABi - Balanced Input Selector

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Radial Engineering HotShot ABi - Balanced Input Selector


Radial Engineering HotShot ABi - Balanced Input Selector

Footswitch Selector for Balanced Inputs

The HotShot ABi is a balanced signal selector that allows you to instantly select between two sources by depressing a latching footswitch.

  • Quickly select between two balanced XLR sources
  • Toggle or mute the source with a latching footswitch
  • Selectable input pad to match input signal levels
  • Completely passive operation, no power required

On-stage input switching

The HotShot ABi makes it easy to select between two balanced inputs on stage, with a single latching footswitch to toggle from one source to the other. This allows an artist to switch between two dynamic microphones during a performance, freeing up input channels on your mixer. The latching footswitch also opens the door for other useful applications, including using the ABi as a mute to turn off a microphone, select between two wireless receivers, or switch between two mono playback devices.

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