Radial Engineering Catapult - Cat 5 Analog Snake

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Radial Engineering Catapult - Cat 5 Analog Snake


Radial Engineering Catapult - Cat 5 Analog Snake

4-Channel Cat 5 Audio Snake 

The Catapult is a passive audio snake that allows you to send four channels of analog audio over standard Cat 5 or Cat 6 Ethernet cable.

  • Send four channels of analog audio over a single Cat 5/6 cable
  • Works with a building’s existing cable infrastructure
  • Choice of direct-wired or transformer isolated splits
  • Economical Cat 5/6 cable replaces bulky multi-channel audio snakes

Analog audio over Cat 5 wiring

The Catapult TX4 and RX4 act like a typical four-channel analog audio snake; they allow you to send mic or line-level signals from one location to another without signal loss, noise, or interference, and without any digital audio conversion needed. What makes the Catapult system unique is that it utilizes Cat 5 Ethernet cable, which is widely available, lightweight, and economical. Simply connect a shielded Cat 5 cable between any two Catapult modules and they will use the analog conductors in the cable to deliver four balanced audio lines to any destination.

Straight-wire passive operation

Catapult modules require no power to operate, and since they keep the signal in the analog realm, no digital conversion is necessary. Straight-wire connection from the XLRs to the RJ45 connector on a Cat 5 cable ensures that your audio passes through without coloration or distortion.

Utilize pre-existing cable installations

As many buildings are already pre-wired for Cat 5, you can take advantage of this to transmit audio between distant rooms without the need to install or supply new cabling. This eliminates the need for bulky and expensive multi-channel audio cable, and allows contractors to benefit from installed network cable and easily connect from one room to another.

Mix & Match to add transformer isolation

All of the Radial Catapult modules are compatible with each other, and each is sold individually, so you can select whichever combination best suits your needs. The Catapult RX4 and TX4 can be used together as a pair, creating a 4-channel audio snake. However, if you need transformer isolation to prevent hum and buzz when splitting audio signals, two additional models of Catapults are available. The TX4L and RX4L have line level isolation transformers for splitting playback tracks or outputs to amp racks, while the TX4M and RX4M can be employed when splitting mic signals on stage. Use any combination of these six models, along with the compact Catapult Mini RX and TX to create a custom snake designed for your unique application.

Catapult TX4 - 4ch transmitter, with balanced i/o, uses shielded cat-5 

Catapult TX4M - 4ch transmitter, balanced i/o, mic-level transformers, uses shielded cat-5

Catapult TX4L - 4ch transmitter, balanced i/o, line-level transformers, uses shielded cat-5

Catapult RX4 - 4ch receiver, with balanced outs, uses shielded cat-5

Catapult RX4M - 4ch receiver, balanced outs, mic-level transformers, uses shielded cat-5

Catapult RX4L - 4ch receiver, balanced outs, line-level transformers, uses shielded cat-5


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