Prism Sound 8C-AD Analog Line Input Module

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Prism Sound 8C-AD Analog Line Input Module


Prism Sound 8C-AD Analog Line Input Module

The Prism Sound 8C-AD is an 8-channel analog line input module for the Prism Sound ADA-8XR mainframe

The Prism Sound 8C-AD Analog Line Input Module (type PREV039/4/2) for the ADA-8XR mainframe provides eight electronically-balanced analog input channels via eight female XLR connectors. Input line level (sensitivity) is variable for each channel, with a range of 0dBFS=+5.0dBu to 0dBFS=+24.0dBu, in 0.5dBu steps, along with a fine trim. Each channel of the 8C-AD has a Prism Sound “Overkiller” progressive limiter capability, which prevents the A/D converter from reaching full-scale, even when the input level significantly exceeds the selected input range. Control of input line level and trim, and Overkillers is via menus accessible in the ADA-8XR Menu System when the module is fitted. 

Prism Sound 8C-AD - Just the Facts:

  • Eight analog line input channels, electronically balanced
  • XLR-F connectors
  • Variable input sensitivity +5dBu-+24dBu
  • Prism Sound Overkiller progressive limiter prevents overloads
  • Input level (sensitivity) and Overkiller limiter controlled via ADA-8XR mainframe menus

Prism Sound Overkiller

The Prism Sound Overkiller is a progressive analog peak-limiter that can be applied to any of the ADA-8XR's analog input channels when the appropriate analog input module is loaded into the mainframe. The Overkiller allows analog input signals far above the normal A/D converter's maximum handling level to be accommodated without causing it to clip. This is done in a gentle and progressive manner so that distortion is as inaudible as possible.

The Overkiller limiter enables a digital recording to be made louder than would be possible if its loudest transients had to be accurately represented on the digital medium. The Overkiller is also useful where the dynamic range of the recording medium is limited and levels are not easily controlled.

In these situations, the Prism Sound Overkiller acts in a uniquely progressive manner, which gives it unrivalled capacity to soak up large transient overloads without any noticeable distortion, while protecting the A/D converter from over-modulation.

The Overkillers' thresholds do not require manual adjustment; the ADA-8XR's software automatically adjusts the thresholds according to the selected analog line-up level and trim.

Add up to two 8C-AD analog line input modules to the ADA-8XR mainframe for 16 channels of the highest quality AD conversion. For more information, call or chat online with your PAD Studio Specialist.

  • Connections: Electronically balanced inputs, female XLRs
  • Differential input impedance: 21.5k ohm
  • Full-scale input range (software-controlled): +5dBu..+24dBu in 1dBu steps, trims in 0.05dBu steps
  • Absolute gain accuracy: +/-0.05dB
  • CMRR: 60Hz:<-100dB; 1kHz:<-90dB; 20Hz-20kHz:<-65dB
  • Overkiller: Software selectable On/Off
  • THD+N: (997Hz, -1dBFS) -105dB (0.0006%)
  • Dynamic range: (997Hz, -60dBFS) 112dB
  • IMD (SMPTE/DIN, 60Hz@-3dBFS & 7kHz@-12dBFS): <-100dB
  • Maximum aharmonic spurium (997Hz @ -1dBFS): <-130dBFS
  • Frequency response fs=192kHz: -0.05dB: 6.2Hz..50.2kHz; -3dB: <1Hz..77.7kHz
  • Frequency response fs=96kHz: -0.05dB: 6.1Hz..43.3kHz; -3dB: <1Hz..48kHz
  • Frequency response fs=48kHz: -0.05dB: 5.5Hz..22.8kHz; -3dB: <1Hz..24.0kHz
  • Frequency response fs=44.1kHz: -0.05dB: 5.0Hz..20.1kHz; -3dB: <1Hz..22.0kHz
  • Passband ripple: 96kHz <0.015dB; 48kHz: <0.015dB
  • Inter-channel phase difference: <0.03 degrees
  • Channel separation: 1kHz >125dB; 20Hz-20kHz: >117dB
  • Group delay (input to AES3 output): 20/fs

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