Primacoustic Telascapes Fabric Track System

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Primacoustic Telascapes Fabric Track System


Primacoustic Telascapes Fabric Track System

The Ultimate Custom Acoustic Solution

The TelaScapes Fabric Track System allows you to acoustically treat any commercial or residential space without sacrificing aesthetics, while maintaining a high level of effective sound absorption within the space. The system is comprised of three fully customizable components: high density glass wool panels that provide broadband acoustic absorption, a modular track system that is almost universally compatible with any surface, and a selection of stretch fabric available in a wide range of colors.

Track System

The TelaScapes track system includes two types of track pieces: Perimeter Tracks for outside edges and Mid-Wall Tracks for joining two sections of paneling together. Both of these track types accommodate heavy fabric types and Broadband Raw Acoustic Panels. The durable track is built from recyclable PVC or recycled uPVC, and can be cut to size if needed. Light and dark colour options are also available for the track itself, so the track edges can blend seamlessly with the chosen fabric and surrounding décor.

Fill Material

Primacoustic sound absorbing panels have been successfully employed in thousands of installations across the globe. The key to their effectiveness is the high density glass wool construction, which absorbs audio frequencies across a wide bandwidth, helping to attenuate both low and high frequency acoustic sources in any space as well as reducing ambient sound levels. Filler panels are installed easy on wall surfaces with a selection of contractor-friendly mounting hardware, and the panels themselves also come in a variety of sizes to make installation in any room size simple and easy.

Color Options

A wide array of stretch fabric color options are available, allowing you to keep aesthetics in mind as you acoustically treat any room. We partner with Guilford of Maine to give you access to multiple colors to suit your décor.

Finishing Tools

Primacoustic has specially-designed tools to make the installation of the TelaScapes system easy. Tucking fabric into the channels of the tracks can be a delicate task and without the right tools can be difficult to ensure the fabric looks its best. These tools were custom-sourced and designed to assist each stage of the installation.

TelaScapes Fabric Track System

  • Combine high quality aesthetics & acoustic treatment to suit any space
  • High density glass wool panels for broadband absorption
  • Modular track system for virtually any surface
  • Durable stretch fabric available in an array of colors
  • Easy and quick assembly for permanent installation

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