Primacoustic PrimaBlock - Black

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Primacoustic PrimaBlock - Black


Primacoustic PrimaBlock - Black

PrimaBlock Loaded Vinyl Barrier

  • Reduces sound transmission through walls and floors
  • Easy to cut and fit between studs and drywall
  • Flexible and durable to fit around HVAC

PrimaBlock™ loaded vinyl barrier is a flexible, 1lb per square foot (4.9kg/m²) mass loaded vinyl that is used in construction to reduce sound transmission through walls, floors and ceilings. Typically sandwiched between layers of drywall or ideally suspended in the airspace between wall surfaces, PrimaBlock barrier helps reduce noise from plumbing, HVAC ducts and adjoining rooms by adding mass to the wall assembly. It is also commonly used in the design and construction of soundproof enclosures and bass traps, or can be wrapped around pipes, ductwork or loud machinery because it is so flexible.

PrimaBlock vinyl barrier is sold by the roll with an overall dimension of 54” width (137cm) which provides a 6” (15cm) overlap when tacking two rows together to create a 96” (244cm) width (2 x 48”). To install, loosely suspend between studs using staples and apply gypsum board directly on top. Total surface coverage is 135ft² (12.5m²). per roll. PrimaBlock loaded vinyl barrier is finished in black and is manufactured without the use of hazardous lead or heavy metals.

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Roll Length: 30’ (9 m) Roll Width: 4.5’ (137cm)
Part # Weight Tear Strength Thickness Surface Area
F101-1025-00 1 lb/ft² (4.9 kg/m²) 70 lb/inch (12.5 kg/cm) 0.1″ (2.5mm) 135 ft² (12.5 m²)



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