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The IsoPlane are monitor isolation pads designed to decouple the sound from the loudspeaker so that it will not resonate with the desk or shelf. This helps reduce an effect called comb-filtering that occurs when various frequencies add or cancel with each other when coupled.

The IsoPlane can be used to decouple turntables and other devices that can be adversely affected by sound resonating through the floor and furniture.

Sold in sets of four units, the IsoPlane are designed to be used in pairs and spaced under the monitor as a means to distribute the weight. The cost effective design makes them ideal for home studio use and other applications where vibrations are an issue and decoupling is required.

IsoPads were conceived to improve the accuracy of your studio monitors and home theater loudspeakers by minimizing the transfer of vibrations from loudspeakers to the structures supporting them. IsoPads are available in two profile shapes for horizontal and angled applications.

The IsoPlane system consists of 4 pieces of high density, low compression polyurethane foam, enough for two loudspeakers or two turntables. Each piece measures 12.75″ x 4.5″ with a maximum overall height of 1.5″. The IsoPlane is cut with a planar profile making it useful for isolating equipment that requires a level surface.

Core Material High density polyurethane foam
Density 1.8lbs per cubic foot (28.83 kg/m³)
Color Dark charcoal grey, UV resistant
Fire Rating Passes C117 California fire retardant test
Warning A. Do not cover ventilation openings with the IsoPads. 
B. Do not place ISO Pads on top of equipment that radiates heat. 
C. Do not place ISO Pads on surfaces that are smaller than the IsoPads. 
D. Do not place top heavy or unbalanced loads on IsoPads. 
E. Do not expose to open flame or excessive heat.
Notice Due to the nature of the material, slight variations in dimension and finish will occur but do not affect performance.
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