Primacoustic FlexiBooth - Instant Vocal Booth - Grey

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Primacoustic FlexiBooth - Instant Vocal Booth - Grey


Primacoustic FlexiBooth - Instant Vocal Booth - Grey

The FlexiBooth is a full size 24" x 48" (609 x 1219 x 101mm) wall-mounted acoustic cupboard that opens up to surround the vocal talent and create a dry ‘voice-over' zone. The innovative design separates and attenuates room ambiance from the voice recording, which then allows the engineer to add echo or reverb and equalize the voice to best suit the performance in post production.  

From the outside, the FlexiBooth looks like a typical cupboard. It features an attractive black melamine finish that is easy to clean. Inside, ultra high performance 6lb per cubic foot (96 kg/m³) glass wool panels effectively absorb sound throughout the voice range. The acoustic panels are 100% encapsulated with micromesh and are covered in a tough yet attractive acoustically transparent fabric to enhance the fit and finish. Because of the heavy construction, sound attenuation is excellent.

The FlexiBooth can also be used as a variable room ambiance controller. Those that have recorded in large professional studios will be familiar with the variable acoustic panels that are often used to tailor room acoustics. For instance, a brighter more ambient room is generally preferred with acoustic instruments while a darker ambiance is often preferred for voice, electric guitars and so on. By positioning several FlexiBooths around the room, one can easily create different acoustic environments by simply opening or closing the FlexiBooth doors.

The Primacoustic FlexiBooth provides a simple yet highly effective solution for vocal recording that can adapt to any room. The FlexiBooth ships flat and assembles in minutes using common household tools.

The FlexiBooth is an acoustic cupboard that measures 24" x 48" x 4" deep. The outer shell is constructed using heavy black MDF board. When open, it exposes three Broadway acoustic panels.

The main wall panel is 2" thick and measures 24" x 48" while the two side panels are 1” thick and measure 12" x 48". All three acoustic panels are made from high density 6lb per cubic foot glass wool and fully encapsulated with micromesh and resin hardened edges for a clean look. Panels are the covered in an acoustically transparent fabric and come in choice of grey or beige.

The Broadway panels provide balanced absorption throughout the voice range. Low frequencies are further extended when the FlexiBooth is mounted on the wall as the design introduces an air gap behind the main panel.

Once in place the door glide hardware is used to hold the doors open at several pre-set positions allowing you to tailor the amount of off-axis reflections that reach the microphone. When not in use magnetic door catches keep the doors shut and out of the way.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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