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Polo Grounds Studio


Polo Grounds Studio

Polo Grounds Studios is located at the base of the 3rd Avenue bridge in the burgeoning South Bronx. It’s the eponymous in-house studio of the record label founded by hip-hop mogul Bryan Leach, whose label is home to Pitbull, A$AP Rocky, A$AP Ferg, and other chart-topping urban artists.

According to Polo Grounds owner Bryan Leach, “Our artists have been working in studios designed by Dave Malekpour and Pro Audio Design for years, so it was a natural fit to bring MDP in to create our in-house studios—and they made our rooms among of the best in New York City.”

When asked about working with Malekpour Design Partners, says Bryan Leach, “These rooms allow us to work non-stop with the sound we love.” “Working with Dave, Eric Anderson, and the MDP team has made this project a great success for both our artists and the company!”

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