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Pearl Microphone Labs DS70


Pearl Microphone Labs DS70


With two rectangular capsules and separate outputs for all four diaphragms, the DS 70 is arguably the most potent stereo microphone on the market.

The Pearl DS 70 is a 4-channel, multi-pattern stereo and surround microphone. It features two coincident Pearl 2800 rectangular capsules in a compact and rugged body, making it a portable and extremely versatile single-unit recording device for both studio and on-location projects.


The DS 70 is an upgrade from the Pearl DS 60, which has been praised by both users and the pro audio media. The DS 60 was named “Editor’s Choice” in 2012 by German Professional Audio Magazine.


Resolution Magazine wrote: “I’ve seen quite a few variations on similar themes in the past few years, for surround, stereo and variable pattern mono applications, but the DS 60 is the one that has inspired me the most.”


Australian magazine AudioTechnology wrote: “The Pearl DS 60 is a powerful tool in any sound engineer’s box. It’s a go-to microphone for almost all applications.”


The DS 70 features two dual-membrane capsules at 90 degrees with separate outputs for each side of the capsule, allowing users to record in a number of stereo, surround and mono configurations, such as: M-S, X-Y, Blumlein, 4-channel surround and countless variations of polar patterns in both mono and stereo. If all four channels are recorded separately, polar patterns and stereo setups can be altered seamlessly(!) in post-production. The possibilities are quite literally endless.


Compared to the DS 60, the DS 70 has been upgraded with a new microphone body which minimizes internal reflections; improved internal wiring; a new capsule arrangement to reduce vibrations and to create an optimized phase accuracy between the two capsules, and updated indication markings to make the setup faster and more intuitive.


Package includes

  • The DS 70 is delivered in an aluminium flight case with a Rycote USM shockmount, a 10-meter, 8-core cable and a 4-way splitter termination box for 4 x 3-pin XLR connectors.

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