On-Stage MS7515 - Mic Pack for Kids

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On-Stage MS7515 - Mic Pack for Kids


On-Stage MS7515 - Mic Pack for Kids

On-Stage MS7515 - Mic Pack for Kids

Our MS7515 Mic Pack supplies musicians with all the gear they need to plug in to a PA system and amplify their vocals. The pack includes a mic stand with a boom arm and mic clip, a dynamic mic, and a long mic cable. The stand adjusts to accommodate the singer's height and folds down for convenient storage and transportation.

  • Supplies beginning singers with all the gear needed to mic vocals through a PA system
  • Includes (1) dynamic mic, (1) 13' mic cable, (1) mic clip, (1) tripod mic stand with boom, and (1) zippered mic pouch
  • Stand height adjusts 26"-42" for comfortable use while sitting or standing
  • Tightening knob secures 19.5" boom angle adjustments for reliable mic placement

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