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Dante® Multi-Format Converter and Router

PENTA 721s is a new generation audio router and audio distribution interface from NTP Technology, which provides a versatile and flexible interface for signal distribution of analog, and digital audio via AES/EBU and MADI, as well as routing via IP Gigabit Ethernet and optical fibre networks including Dante. It has all the features of the Penta 721 with the addition of a card slot that can accept one of the 7 Penta interface cards to exactly match your I/O requirements.

PENTA 721s is a compact 1U digital audio interface designed for stand-alone use in recording studios, radio stations and stage venues.

It comes as standard with the following I/O:

Key Features

  • 64 MADI / BNC
  • 2 IP Audio RJ45 Ethernet Ports ( DANTE Brooklyn 2 card included as standard)
  • 8 AES/EBU I/O and 1-3 MADI I/O
  • Word clock and VBB in and out
  • AES11 Sync Input ( clock)
  • 512 x 1512 routing
  • IP audio L3 Ethernet I/O powered by Dante
  • TCP/IP control via NTP Router Control System and Stand alone control applications for PC Single or Dual power supply
  • 1 Card Slot – choose from one of the seven Penta Option Cards
  • D–slot mini-module slot for optional ST optical MADI connection or dual SFP MADI optical in/out. 128 MADI

Key Benefits

  • Flexible patching and routing of digital audio signals providing
  • Stand alone IP audio interface and format converter
  • Interface for NTP TDM router systems
  • Low latency, tightly synchronised, transport of uncompressed audio over IP networks using off the shelf switches
  • DADman control software and compatible with Dante Domain Manager

Penta 721s

  • Fitted with 64 Dante/AES67 Brooklyn 2 module
  • 1 Full Expansion Slot for any of the 7 modules available
  • Dual MADI Option Slot

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